Paragon 1/8

Paragon is a new player in Web3 aiming to shift the paradigm of NFTs from limited access digital assets, to phygital goods that welcome more people to play and participate in the new internet. 

︎︎︎Identity Design
︎︎︎Generative Tool Design

Twill 2/8

Following a five-year transition from a mental health provider to a comprehensive healthcare platform, Happify Health partnered with us to reimagine their visual identity. The new brand expresses the unification of their many products and embodies the precise, personalized, and connected care experience they offer.

︎︎︎Identity Design
︎︎︎Motion Design

PICI 3/8

This work represents an evolution of the visual identity system created for the Parker Institute of Cancer Immunotherapy (PICI) in 2019, by R/GA. The ideas of speed and progress run through the revisited identity and touchpoints.

︎︎︎Brand Evolution
︎︎︎Visual Identity System
︎︎︎Motion Design

Ever Scouts 4/8

Ever Scouts, an edtech platform founded on the ambition to reimagine scouting, is aiming to be that partner for parents. After a successful beta program, they were gearing up for a national launch and Series A. But to take their message to new audiences, they needed to clarify their unique offer with a new value proposition that was compelling to investors and clear to parents; a verbal system and toolkit to help them communicate their story. And an identity that’s exciting for kids and has the power to activate the movement they’re just beginning.

︎︎︎Visual Identity System
︎︎︎Website XP
︎︎︎Brand Guidelines

E.A.T. 5/8

This collection of experimental compositions was created to examine the connection between technology and aesthetics.

Through these experiments, I aimed to: enhance my algorithmic knowledge and programming abilities and discover methods of incorporating computational techniques into my design methodology.

︎︎︎Creative Coding
︎︎︎Emerging Technology
︎︎︎Alternative Methods

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